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Yes, Minister

I’ve been thinking about Yes, Minster recently. Yesterday I read a headline that said one-sixth of British people wouldn’t take the Covid vaccine when we have one. At first I thought this is just clickbait, but it was The Guardian and I was curious, so I read it. And it was all about how people… Continue reading

Yes, Prime Minister

It turns out that the theatrical version of Yes, Prime Minister is on at the Apollo between now and mid-September. And The Guardian likes it, so it must be good. It doesn’t have the original actors in it, obviously, but it is written by the original writers. Does anyone want to come and see it… Continue reading

Yes, Minister quotes

While watching HIGFNY and watching them make jokes about the Daily Mail, as per usual, I remembered telling me, unsurprisingly, that she didn’t get some of the things they talked about. And I thought of the bit in Yes, Minister where they explain the different British newspapers: The Daily Mirror is read by people who… Continue reading


I do like The Avengers. The Cybernauts is an excellent science fiction-type episode. There’s a great speech in the middle, given by the evil genius bad guy: Computers no bigger than a cigarette box. Pocket television. And radios smaller than a wristwatch. Back in 1965 that was science fiction. He also had a computer that… Continue reading