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Alternative Christmas carol lyrics

At choir this week we started doing some Christmas carols for our informal end of term concert. One of them is We Three Kings. I'm not sure if I ever knew what the real lyrics are, but I can remember the alternative lyrics from primary school: We three kings of Orient are One in taxi,... Continue reading


Yesterday I sung at the local folk festival, along with the rest of the choir I go to. We hadn't rehearsed any of the songs since June, although I'd practised over the summer, but we had a couple of rehearsals the last two Thursdays. The first one reminded me why singing in the choir is... Continue reading


Friday I went to see Coldplay at the O2 in London with my sister.


It's definitely winter - my hands are dry and have started cracking 🙁 This is even though I wear gloves whenever I'm outside or in the car, and for doing the washing up and when it's cold in the house I wear fingerless gloves. But there's only so much you can do and I'm not... Continue reading


I have tickets to see Coldplay at the O2 in December. Which is only two weeks after we'll be there to see one of the semi-finals of the tennis. I am excited to be going, not so much to be going to the other side of London for the evening, which will be a pain.... Continue reading

Playing music online

Ages ago The Guardian had a list of top 100 websites, including various music-listening ones. I like - it's learning quite well and actually plays a better variety than Pandora did before it stopped. And then I discovered the website and you can play specific tracks and it tells you which ones you've,... Continue reading

mp3 player question

I have an 2Gb mp3 player that I use for listening to stuff in the car on long journeys, so I don't have to work out stopping at the services around changing the CD. But it is a bit annoying because it plays files in the order of the name of the track in the... Continue reading


I have my amazon parcel! It arrived yesterday and someone had hidden it downstairs. Which is just as well because when I rang them up they promised to look into it and get back to me, which they never did. So I have now watched the whole of the Robot commentary and am now on... Continue reading