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Famous people in The Bill

Once upon a time, every British actor had been in The Bill. These days, watching old episodes, famous people pop up looking young. For example, this is (the current) Barnaby from Midsummer Murders: I knew he was in the episode and worked out who he was based on him being the only male guest character.... Continue reading

The Bill

I've been watching a lot of The Bill from 1990/1991 recently. UKTV Play had a load of it up there, and then the series I was watching suddenly said it was going at the end of May. The next series will go at the end of June. Each 'series' has about 100 episodes, which I... Continue reading

Crime drama again

It's really all gone crime around here. After reading one Daisy Dalrymple book I somehow ended up taking another off the shelf when I put that one back. I still like the time before they get married the best. And as much as I like Sakari, I miss Lucy. I'm still watching Line of Duty... Continue reading

Lis Sladen in The Bill

Thanks to one of Network's sales, I have a whole lot of late 80s half hour episodes of The Bill on DVD. And I realised that one of them has Lis Sladen in it. In one scene. But I took screencaps aka photos of the telly. The quality isn't brilliant because it's from 1989 and... Continue reading

Sean Bean in The Bill

This weekend I was watching some of the publicity The Bill actors did the morning the last episode was shown. By publicity I mean appearing on things like GMTV. But they mentioned that Sean Bean was in episode 4 (back in 1984). It just so happens that I have that one on DVD and thought... Continue reading

Farewell The Bill

I had intended to write a post about The Bill the night the last episode aired (in this country) and now I'm looking at a blank input box, I'm not sure what to write. I'm not sad, actually, possibly because the last episode wasn't as good as some we've had recently. Partly that comes of... Continue reading

The Bill

Although The Bill moved to Tuesdays, as far as I'm concerned, it's actually on at dinnertime on a Wednesday because I'm never in on a Tuesday. So I've just watched last night's and not far into it I thought to myself that one of the main characters on it looked suspiciously like Lee Ross, who... Continue reading