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I did some ficathons towards the end of last year and didn't talk about them (although one of them has only just had author reveals). Doctor Who There was where I received a Six and Evelyn fic where Evelyn is right and saves the world, which is what I love about those two: Fit for... Continue reading

Some fic that I wrote

Relatedly, I was listening to a podcast where someone had come up with five types of perfectionists. I am definitely a procrastinator perfectionist: someone who doesn't start things because they're perfect in their head and once they start they're no longer perfect. I know this because there is fic in my head that I absolutely... Continue reading

Gen Freeform Exchange Pinch hit

I am too tired to post anything meaningful, but I saw that I am a post-deadline pinch hit on Gen Freeform Exchange, so I thought it might be useful to promote that. The deadline is Friday (US time) (negotiable) and I am easy to please because I've completely forgotten what I asked for. I didn't... Continue reading

Some actual fic

Although I wrote it two months ago. The original posting date was 24th March and that was after I'd mustered up the energy to work out the formatting. Anyway, back in early March unsent-letters-exchange was happening. There were some interesting things being nominated and some interesting things people were asking for. But I was having... Continue reading

Unconventional Courtship

is back! I spent ages looking through Mills & Boon and Harlequin summaries, until I went mad. Generally at the summaries for being so awful. I wanted to write the gay pirates, but I couldn't find anything that was both silly and subtext. M&B aren't exactly known for their subtext... And then in my saved... Continue reading


had a Drabbleathon for February, when I'd just finished watching Mr Selfridge and had some fic ideas. So I thought I'd write a few in drabble form and ended up writing ten... There was a point when I thought I'd cracked the drabbles by writing 100 words in the first draft. Although it made it... Continue reading