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I've been doing lots of writing this month. I procrastinated on my fic by writing six Doctor Who drabbles for Merry Month of Drabbles. Which I really enjoyed writing. I finished off a fic I started in 2018 that's a sequel to one wrote for me in an exchange. At one point it was 4905... Continue reading


There's a drabble commentfest going on at I put some prompts up last night, got some great drabbles from them. And today I managed to write some drabbles. Turns out I still can! Go and add some prompts and some fills (it's got very Classic Who in there at the moment...)

Space Swap

Now has been revealed, I can talk all about it. First, I got an excellent Galaxy Quest world-building gift: The Quest Continues (1668 words) by tablelamp Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Summary: Messages from an online Galaxy Quest community, circa 1999-2000 It's delightfully nostalgic. And for the first time in an exchange I shook my... Continue reading

What I am writing

What I am reading at the moment is fanfic. I had whole collections bookmarked and some fics on my marked to read later list at AO3 that I was avoiding because they've been on there for so long. I am finally getting through them, so I'll have cleared the back log. I am writing my... Continue reading

A finished fic

I finished a fic! I started it in June 2019, so it hasn't quite taken three years. Which is pretty good as it's long (for me). I decided last weekend, to make me sit down and finish it, that my deadline was this weekend. Also, I signed up for and sign ups for that close... Continue reading

DW and fanfic

I've finished my DW layout! Well, I say finished, there may be some details I've missed that I'll find as I use it. It matches my blog as much as I can, given that there are differences and I don't have as much control over things in DW. I like it much better than the... Continue reading

2019-2021 fic roundup

I haven't done this for three years, but I also haven't written much in the last three years. So I'm lumping them all together to make the meme worth it.

Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer: This letter is just a copy of my sign up, in case it helps to have it in this format. Fandoms and characters I have requested are: Daisy Dalrymple (Daisy, Alec) The Persuaders (Brett, Danny) Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (Jeff, Marty)

Titles meme

Look at your most recent 20 fanwork titles and answer the questions. 1. How many are you happy with? One of them came from another fic, so doesn't count (You, Me, Red Wine, and the Edinburgh Night Sky). But of the remaining 19, I'm happy with 12 (which is a pretty good ratio): Teatime Stories... Continue reading

WIP meme

When you see this, share 3 lines from each of 3 WIPs. Because I've actually been doing some writing. And it's entirely possible I might finish something sometime... Doctor Who/SJA, Sarah Jane and Kate go on a date to the ballet, with aliens There were plenty of pubs in the vicinity, so they didn't have... Continue reading