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Why I've not been posting

I have all sorts of things I've been wanting to post about, but haven't had the time or the energy. Work always gets busy around November/December, but this year it started right on 1st November. It usually gets so quiet the week before Christmas that I have plenty of time to write Yuletide treats. So... Continue reading

Stuff and nonsense

September seems to be shit month at work at the moment. It's just all been going down at once and involving everything going wrong, leaving late and working at weekends. Yesterday I worked from 9am to 3pm with just a short break for lunch and draping the washing. I did then use Facetime for the... Continue reading


One day I will update more often. This week has been crazy. Our department of six at work was pretty much reduced down to me for some of the time. By the time I went food shopping on Thursday I was going round there like an old lady because I was too tired to think.... Continue reading

Fic and work and drilling

My posting date for [ljcomm]dw_guestfest[/ljcomm] was today, so I managed to finish my story yesterday. I probably could have finished it sooner if I hadn't spent so much time putting off adding description. I declared it finished partly because I was sick of reading it. And I'd run out of description-adding ability. It features Kate... Continue reading

A few things

Work is really crazy at the moment - 9 hours days are normal (and that's 9 hours of full on working hard too). It really takes it out of you - I nearly cried at 5.15 (we finish at 5.30) when I thought someone was telling me they'd changed something on a project that meant... Continue reading


For the past week, until about the middle of last week, work was really quiet. I was getting some non-project work in and other people were scratching about for things to do. And then suddenly all our clients decided to launch projects before Easter, so now we're really busy and I'm hoping I won't be... Continue reading

Wind and work

Monday night's wind didn't do much for my back fence. Although I opened the curtains and watered the plants without noticing. It was only when I went to leave for work that I noticed the view out the back was a bit different to normal. Fortunately, it's my neighbour's fence, so I don't have to... Continue reading