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Technology: argh!

Last week I thought things were a bit quiet with my RSS feeds, but decided that, well, they were a bit quiet. And then I discovered the reason: all my LJ feeds have errors. No idea why, but it is a pain. When I read them via my friends list I discovered about 50 I... Continue reading


According to quite a few people on LJ, they have broken it completely and the world is ending. Or something of that magnitude. It turns out that the bits they changed that I don't like, can be fixed by turning on customised comment pages. So I have now gone from hating them to liking them.... Continue reading

Blog and LJ and Dreamwidth

This afternoon we sat down to listen to the tennis we taped last night... and discovered it had rained in New York so they hadn't played. So now we need to listen to it tonight and tomorrow instead (depending on when they finish and if it rains). So with the afternoon I suddenly had free,... Continue reading

More multi-character icons

I've been meaning to make some more multi-character icons for a while. Then today LJ announced that you can buy 5 more userpic spaces for £1.20 for a year and all of a sudden I can have three more and don't have to find two to take out. And can carry on using one. So... Continue reading


I'm going for a theme with my LJ icons. Also, it makes them multi-use. I did one a while ago with Harry Sullivan, Harry Pearce and Harry Potter: Now I've done Jack Meadows, Jack O'Neill and Jack Harkness: and Sam Carter, Sam Gamgee and Sam Beckett:

How do you use yours?

My week off means posting more often, now that I have nothing better to do apart from watch tennis. And do all the other things I need to get done this week (Yuletide, Ch secret santa, baking, Rotaract stuff...). I got to thinking last night about how people use their journals/blogs mostly because I keep... Continue reading