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DW and fanfic

I've finished my DW layout! Well, I say finished, there may be some details I've missed that I'll find as I use it. It matches my blog as much as I can, given that there are differences and I don't have as much control over things in DW. I like it much better than the... Continue reading

Fanfic archive done

Having got my blog sorted, I went onto my fanfic archive. Which I thought would be simple, because the styling would be the same. But no, there were some differences. And then I decided I wanted to do a bit of editing on every single fic to make them look a bit better. I have... Continue reading

New blog!

Sort of. I've been meaning to do something with my WP blog for a while. It's really old and as I was making it new things came in, which I couldn't then make work. So I've started again, ended up with something that works much better and is easier to change. It's also less red.... Continue reading

My website

My Christmas project was to create the Rotary website and do some stuff on mine. The Rotary website didn't take long once I actually got started. I won't link to it here because it'll narrow down where I live quite a bit, plus the other members don't get to hear about this until tomorrow's meeting.... Continue reading

Fun with websites

My Christmas project is to sort out my website and create the Rotary website. So far I have created the Rotary website, just not put anything on it. With mine I've updated WordPress and played with plugins, broken some things and fixed others. The trouble is that I could endlessly play with it. It's just... Continue reading

My fanfic

I was having withdrawal symptoms not playing with blogging sites, so I have created a fanfic blog over at Dreamwidth at . All of my fanfic is on my website at There you can get an RSS feed of the whole thing, or just fandoms and there's a link in the sidebar that tells... Continue reading


I have now filled eleven crates with my possessions. Four of those crates are mostly books. I really need to be ruthless with them after I move, I think. I've packed most of the pictures on my walls, mostly emptied the bookcases and taken a load of stuff off my desk and TV stand too.... Continue reading

Bad Day

Today's not been a good day. This morning the hospital rang me up. They helpfully told reception it was a personal call from Amy, which I heard as Ailie, so I wasn't sure what was going on. Once I'd established who she was, she said that the surgeon who is taking my tooth out on... Continue reading