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had a Drabbleathon for February, when I'd just finished watching Mr Selfridge and had some fic ideas. So I thought I'd write a few in drabble form and ended up writing ten... There was a point when I thought I'd cracked the drabbles by writing 100 words in the first draft. Although it made it... Continue reading


There's a drabble commentfest going on at I put some prompts up last night, got some great drabbles from them. And today I managed to write some drabbles. Turns out I still can! Go and add some prompts and some fills (it's got very Classic Who in there at the moment...)


Remix is coming up again this year and I'm looking forward to it - it's fun and it's different and I always seem to end up writing something I never have before/never thought I would. You're eligible if you have at least five 500 word stories or at least seven 100 word stories in one... Continue reading

Press Gang drabble

I asked a couple of posts ago if anyone wanted drabbles and [ljuser]lost_spook[/ljuser] asked for: anything to do with Press Gang, Kenny and wrong numbers so I wrote: Wrong number, right thing to do "Lynda?" Kenny frowned upon hearing the voice on the other end of the phone. "I didn't call you." "I know." Her... Continue reading

Various lazinesses

Yesterday felt really short because I lazed around in bed (for a change, specially on a Saturday!) and then had to go out to our Barn Dance. My left leg no longer works, possibly from all the driving I've done this week. I might have to adjust the chair back and play about with the... Continue reading


I'm feeling really brain-dead now and completely knackered. I've just driven to Tescos, which is ten minutes away. Except that I went with a friend of mine who lives ten minutes in the opposite direction. And then I got confused on the way and we went the back way. In the end I was out... Continue reading


The drabble tag at who_otp is a terrible thing, if fun for getting two random characters together. So far I seem to have written Sarah Jane/Josh, Five/Sarah, Harry/Sarah Jane/Rose and Benton/Harry. And all actual proper 100 word drabbles too. Although having not yet seen Doctors 1 & 2 I think I might be getting entirely... Continue reading

Happy Birthday to me

As it's my birthday today I offered to write people drabbles, in a hobbit birthday present idea: Tanaqui wanted a drabble with either Faramir or Sheppard discovering something unexpected about himself?. I resisted the temptation to have Faramir discover something unexpected about Sheppard, so instead I wrote: The Power of the Mind Faramir gripped the... Continue reading

B2MEM: Back to Middle-earth Month

As part of Back to Middle-earth Month, the There and Back Again LJ, and HASA have been challenging people to write something based on the Tale of Years from March 3019: In the "Tale of the Years" Tolkien tells us about what happens to certain characters each day of March 3019. We challenge you to... Continue reading