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Stuff I love: Jeremy Hardy

A meme for the month: I was going to post about this already, but it fits nicely into the meme. What with the snow today I worked from home, which meant I could check Twitter from time to time. I half-joke that my Twitter is basically just comedians and tennis. The tennis twitters are pretty... Continue reading

Big Finish CDs going free

About six months ago I decided to get a subscription to the Big Finish main Doctor Who releases. But the only CDs I want to keep are the Seventh Doctor and Ace ones. I have promise the Fifth Doctor ones to [ljuser]hhertzof[/ljuser], which means the next six releases are all accounted for. But I now... Continue reading

The jokes they cut from The Now Show

I was really surprised at the things they cut. Since I've just listened to it and it's fresh in my mind, here are the ones I remember: (if you haven't heard it and don't want to know the jokes, look away now)

The Now Show

Last night I went to the recording of The Now Show. It's a funny radio show about the news, so it will go out on Radio 4 tonight. I have listened to three episodes of it, which considering they have six per series and this is apparently their 36th series, I'm doing pretty badly. I... Continue reading

This week

Given that it's getting close to Christmas I thought that things would slow down this week, but no. I went to see the ISIHAC tour, which was funny, although that didn't do much for my ability to breathe. But it gave me an excuse to eat at the Noodle Bar. A lot of it was... Continue reading

Catching up this week

I suddenly feel that weekly posts might be more common from now on... Basically, work is very busy and not looking to get any less busy. In fact, I think it's possibly only likely to get more busy. And to make it worse, that means I won't get to see as much Wimbledon because I'll... Continue reading


I was planning on posting about all sorts of real-life things today, like my new mobile (and why I have a new one) and my opinions on the news of the Blakes 7 remake, but then I heard that Humph died last night of the aortic aneurysm he went into hospital for last week. The... Continue reading