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I've done quite well this weekend with getting things done. I was doing my backups, so watched the gymnastics, Stargate and Enterprise while it was doing it. Stargate I enjoyed, but I didn't get all the way through Enterprise. I was already reading during the adverts but ended up reading through the last third. In... Continue reading

Lord of the Rings

I saw all three Lord of the Rings films this weekend. It's interesting how much is more noticeable when you see them so close together. And my sister's boyfriend has a widescreen TV and surround sound - so it's just like the cinema only with comfy seats, cheaper food and better-timed breaks. I noticed the... Continue reading


I've just spent just under £100 at amazon. And when I say just under, I mean by 9p. All of the stuff I bought was under £10 except for the printer. Which itself is a tale and a half. I realised some time ago that my printer didn't talk to me anymore. When it won't... Continue reading

I'm back

Well, kinda. In the sense that I got into a Harry Potter thing and couldn't get out of it. Which is not to say I wanted to necessarily. But, I wrote the first draft of my Elrond essay at the weekend (it's terrible, I need to re-write it) and now I have Elrond back in... Continue reading

Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

Today at work wasn't long but it was intense. We've just started getting into internet research (ie doing research using the internet, not researching the internet) which at the moment involves using an external company. So they send the data in excel and I spend time trying to work out which question is which and... Continue reading


Two cool links: Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars Trailer. Very exciting. I just hope that the BBC show it, and after 9pm. It's not a children's program, BBC, take note. I have also just found some of the Orange adverts they show at the cinema to remind you to turn off your phone. These are usually someone... Continue reading


I meant to congratulate all the finalists in the Mithril Awards. It was cool to see so many names I knew and fics I read on the list of finalists. But it was also a bad thing. See, I use awards as a set of recs. I'll read winners in categories I might not otherwise read, and... Continue reading

Wasting Time

How much have I just completely failed to get done last night and tonight? Lots. And what have I been distracted by? So glad you asked... Clay Kitten Shooting - my best is 7/10 The Sightings section of the Bad Baby Names Forum, which led me to American Baby Discussion Groups because what's here are... Continue reading

How cool?

I put the MTV movie awards on five minutes after it was supposed to start and discovered Ben Affleck and some other bloke making a film pitch to Peter Jackson for Sam & Frodo. Totally slashy! How cool is that? Apart from that it was all a bit American and OTT. But Johnny Depp made... Continue reading