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I have internet back again! As great as it was to have BT OpenZone, it was slow and I couldn't use it on both computers at once (well, I didn't try, I just assumed) and it randomly went down. Maybe now I can start feeling like things are normal again. Although it still feels like... Continue reading

Moving (and Game of Thrones)

I am all moved in. I just need to sort out the mess in the lounge and put up some posters. I managed to move on a day when it rained pretty much all day. The removal men came, packed everything in an hour and a half, then moved it over to the house. It... Continue reading

New house

I went and saw my new house today - for the second time technically, but this time it didn't have other people's stuff in it. After last time I moved and discovered the flat didn't have a freezer, I was ready to have a mad panic about something else instead. But there isn't anything. The... Continue reading

Nearly moving

I pick up the keys to my house tomorrow - I can't believe the date has come around already. I'm not used to having so long between finding somewhere and moving. I am so glad the removal men are packing my stuff because there's no way I'd have the energy to do everything by myself.... Continue reading


I'm feeling like I've achieved things this weekend. Yesterday I went to London. As the train pulled into Paddington they announced that the only tube line running was the Bakerloo. Which isn't a particularly pleasant line at the best of times, certainly not when it's hot and it's only line stopping at Paddington. So, having... Continue reading

Moving dates

I called the removal firm I wanted and, typically, the date I want the van is having an MOT. They gave me the option of using a bigger van, but they want to start at 8.30am when people are leaving for work so they won't be able to fit it down the road. So my... Continue reading


I updated WordPress over the weekend and then I had to message my dad because I couldn't find the add post button... It turns out they've taken it away and put it on a menu. And for some reason this post is in an awful font, but I don't know if that's because I'm on... Continue reading


Blogging hasn't been top of my list of things to recently due to lack of time and energy. A couple of weeks ago we moved offices, so it now takes longer to get there and back. But I have been exploring different routes and discovered they all take the same amount of time. Although there's... Continue reading

Houses are like buses

You wait ages for one, then three turn up at once. Then two won't let you on and the third turns out to be going somewhere else. At least in bus analagy. I want to move to a two bedroom house (which I've worked out I can afford). So then I'll have more space for... Continue reading


Now I've got Redemption out of the way I'm supposed to be thinking about moving. Which involves getting rid of things and doing packing and paying movers to move all my stuff. But first I have to find somewhere. Houses with two bedrooms and central heating are easy to find. Houses with a garage are... Continue reading