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Fun with hamsters

This hamster looks very cute: But last night he decided to be a naught boy and chewed my phone extension lead, in a corner of my lounge. I blocked it off, but this morning I had no internet. These two events are directly related.

A year of Merry

I've now had Merry for a year! When I got him he was a baby who liked food, running and climbing. Now he's a big hamster who likes food, running and climbing. They supposedly get a bit more chill once they're a year old, but he hasn't read that book.

Merry photos

Merry being up in the morning is quite handy for photograph taking with a bit of light. These are from a couple of weeks ago when he ran around the lounge while I worked and didn't go to bed until nearly 10am!

Steps to clean out hamster wee

Change water Shake sand bath/hamster bathroom and pick out lumps Open food box When hamster appears at door of his house, offer him some food. When he sniffs it, but turns his nose up at it offer him the piece of veg you've been saving for him from dinner and is right by his cage... Continue reading

Merry in my lounge

This is Merry telling me he wants to come out and play Theoretically it would allow me to get better photos of him because he's not always in a dark corner, but that does require him to stay still, which doesn't happen a lot. He likes running around very fast and trying to climb things,... Continue reading


I've been neglecting this blog a bit. I realised since I post at every week (ish) I could post here every week too. And I've been very remiss on not introducing you to Merry, since I've have him for four weeks. He loves running on his wheel - it's pretty much the first thing he... Continue reading

Stuff I love: Sammy

I haven't done much of this meme, but I couldn't not include Sammy. I discovered recently that he is tame - the definition is pretty much not scared of me, trusts me, doesn't freak out immediately if you hold him. He has had all four feet on my hand a few times. It's just hard... Continue reading


Sammy is as cute as ever. The good news is that he's no longer scared of me! It used to be that he'd hide when he heard me - unless he decided to come out, in which case he was quite happy taking food with his two front feet on my hand. Now, though, if... Continue reading