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I went into the next town last weekend to buy cheese. The health food shop there was good and used to order it in for me. But then they closed down. Another one opened and because the previous one had passed on their customer list, they stocked the cheese I liked! Except that when I... Continue reading

Christmas dinners

I've got away lightly with Christmas this year - and most important I haven't had to eat any turkey! The Rotary Christmas dinner involved salmon (which tasted odd), boiled potatoes (ditto), roast potatoes (they were fine), parsnips (yay!), carrots (which also tasted odd, but in their case made them much less disgusting) and sprouts pureed... Continue reading

Food, glorious food

I am so glad there's only three weeks left before Christmas, when I get ten days off in a row (including weekends and bank holidays). Although the two weeks coming are likely to be the busiest as we try and fit as many projects in as possible before Christmas in a rush. In other news,... Continue reading


I have finally finished my diet. When I started three months without anything I can't eat and sugar and yeast sounded like forever. Now I've got so used to it I can't remember what I used to eat. But now I get to reintroduce foods one at a time to see if they make me... Continue reading


Because moving isn't enough for one month, I am starting a new diet this week. There's a theory all these food intolerances are caused by not enough good bacteria and too much bad bacteria in the digestive system. Which itself could well be caused by stress, at least in my case. I was stressed by... Continue reading


Leverage has been renewed for a second series and Hustle for a sixth. Yay! Although I missed the mention at the end of tonight's Hustle, but you can't moor a yacht in Bournemouth. But you can go to the beach (and a very nice beach it is too, in the winter when it's not full... Continue reading

Going from bad to worse

On the whole, this has been a bad week. But it did have some good things in it: I found Sainsburys did lasagne sheets made without soya flour, so I can eat soya again I now have a sofa and a wardrobe (even if the latter is currently in the kitchen, since that's the only... Continue reading

Bad day

I should have known today would be bad when I woke up at 6.30 with diarrhea, which meant turning lights on and putting my glasses on and therefore no chance of going back to sleep till my alarm went off at 8am. This afternoon I found out that it was because Sainsbury's poisoned me -... Continue reading


Gluten free bread is a pain. It's dry, it falls apart and it never tastes nice. The best I can say about the bread I eat (which I make myself, from a mix) is that it's the least disgusting one I've ever had. When it's just made and still quite warm it's actually quite nice.... Continue reading