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Ill (again)

I've been ill this week. But since I only felt terrible for one day, the rest of the time I was fine if I was lying down, I managed to work on my fandom 5k fic, albeit in small bits. I now have 5000 words and am more confident about getting it done. The reason... Continue reading


2016 has been characterised by me getting ill every time I have some time off work and can get some things done. Christmas was no exception. Theoretically it's a cold, but I've had asthma for over a week, a cough for nearly two weeks and a blocked up nose for a week and a half.... Continue reading


On Wednesday I sneezed and made my pulled muscle worse. And then on Friday it was suddenly so much better. At first I thought switching from paracetamol to ibuprofen had made the difference, but then it never got more painful after that. I have had a busy weekend, getting lots of things done. I learnt... Continue reading

Cabin fever

After being out four nights last week it was good to have a weekend in. Since then I've only been out of the house to go to Sainburys (and Tesco since Sainsburys never seem to have any bread). This is because I've pulled a muscle coughing. Something I've previously heard of, but didn't think could... Continue reading

Still not gone out

I think my cold might finally be getting better. Although this might be because last night I felt awful. And this morning I don't feel like my face is going to explode from the pressure. It's been frustrating - I thought this week I'd get lots of things done around the house. Maybe even get... Continue reading

I aten't dead

When I wrote my last post I couldn't hear properly out of my left ear, which is a sign that I might be about to get labyrinthitis. And by might I mean in my optimistic dream world. I wasn't quite as bad as the last time I had it, where I didn't get out of... Continue reading

Where did March go?

March is a busy month. Two weekends ago I went to Rotary Conference. It was good, but did only involve 13 hours sleep over two nights. And I did on the way home when I came off the motorway and then got back on it again. The next junction turned out to be one where... Continue reading

Remixing and staying at home

Today I was going to go to London for my official birthday (technically it's tomorrow, but I have work and Rotary tomorrow, plus who celebrates on a Tuesday? and I've always considered my birthday to be the May Day bank holiday anyway). I have felt crap all weekend (tired and dizzy), but I thought I... Continue reading

Labyrinthitis, again

I've had labyrinthitis again. This is a whole new load of dizziness, unrelated to the normal dizziness (except that last time I had labyrinthitis the dizziness didn't go away properly). I'm not actually better - previous experience tells me that it takes about a month to get completely better, although being used to being dizzy... Continue reading