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An update

I survived my first month at my new job. For the first week survival was definitely the best word as I was so tired, including on the Saturday. And I managed to have something go wrong every week for the first few weeks, including a plumbing non-emergency (I've had it happen before) and my laptop... Continue reading

Still mostly admin

I still haven't got a lot done this year. There's still a lot of life admin and dancing admin going on. I currently have new glasses which mean I can't see and my nose hurts (and my head). I am back in my old glasses because life is not supposed to be that hard. But... Continue reading

This year...

I had high hopes of doing things this year, but what I've mostly been doing is admin. Some dancing admin and life admin. Like when I had two hospital appointments at the same time one in person and one on the phone. The phone one says don't go to the hospital. That at least I... Continue reading