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Driverless cars and roundabouts

There's been talk about driverless cars recently, with Google bringing out one without any controls for humans to drive it with. What I keep wondering about them is whether they'll be able to manage roundabouts? They test these things in America, where they don't tend to have them, and people tend not to signal on... Continue reading

Driving on my own

For ages at work I've been sharing lifts with someone else. Well, I say sharing lifts, but she didn't drive, so I drove and she paid me petrol money. But now she's passed her test and bought a car, so today I went on my own. Which was weird. I kept thinking I'd forgotten something.... Continue reading

Scary times

I think it's the 'Wear Sunscreen' song that says to do one thing per day that scares you. Yesterday I did that thing - I drove into the city for the evening, rather than getting the train. It takes about the same amount of time and costs about the same in petrol as a train... Continue reading


Our (unofficial) work car park is small and has no lines printed on it. After living somewhere where the parking spaces were really narrow, I tend to feel that if I can get out of the driver's side easily I've parked too close. This morning I parked perfectly: I had to get out the passenger... Continue reading

Petrol conspiracy

I swear there is some sort of conspiracy against me by the god of petrol. If the petrol's going up, then any time I think about getting petrol but don't for some reason, it goes up 1p the next day. If petrol's going down, then any time I get petrol it goes down 1p the... Continue reading

I never could get the hang of Wednesdays

I don't like Wednesdays - although this is generally because nothing interesting happens on a Wednesday. Today turned out to be more interesting than I would have liked. When I got to my car after work it was horribly hot, so I set off with the windows down - and realised there was a dragging... Continue reading

Driving and snow

Considering that I don't like driving and given the option would far rather not, I can't quite believe I'm going to say this but... I really want to be able to drive to work. I'd be warmer, I could leave later, so get up later, so get more sleep, I could listen to the radio... Continue reading

The car of the future

I was thinking about the differences between my new, two year old car and my old, twenty year old car, and all the things that are now standard that seem new to me. So there's automatic choke, 5 gears, back windscreen wiper, electric windows, electric wing mirrors, central locking, point and click key. But there... Continue reading