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Since [ljuser]just_ann_now[/ljuser] did this yesterday, I'll copy her and do it today. Only I can go one better and show you the desktop from two of my computers.

Coming at you from a whole new computer

Today I spent pretty much the whole day installing things on my new computer and playing with settings. I had a break when I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. It is nearly done. Currently the only way I can find any programs I want is from the Quick Launch - the Start Menu and Desktop... Continue reading

Updatey thing

I now have a new computer. I have now remembered how unusable all the default settings are in Windows. Not to mention IE9, where I spent five minutes trying to find the address bar. But it has a 1TB hard drive (10 times what I need) and 8GB of RAM. It should be fast and... Continue reading

Alas, poor computer

My three and a quarter year old computer is no more 🙁 According to the error message it's either the memory, the video driver, the motherboard or the hard drive that's gone. I'm not sure they've narrowed it down there. Basically it's going to be simplest to buy a new computer. They're not expensive these... Continue reading

The weekend

I didn't have anything on this weekend and I didn't have to go anywhere, so I thought I'd get a few things done, housework and writing and so on. Well, I managed the first. I thought I was doing well for getting all my washing done, until I thought "that's making a bit more of... Continue reading

It must be spring

I am freezing. But then I am only wearing one jumper. I have stupid heating that comes in on or off and as it's so warm during the day I have it off, otherwise I wake up boiling. Because it's still really cold at night, it means it's quite cold in the mornings and evenings,... Continue reading


I've been trying to think about what I like about Vista vs XP. There are lots of things I like about my new computer, but none of them are related to the operating system at all. And I can think of plenty of things I hate about Vista. But when it comes to things I... Continue reading

New computer

Recently I decided I'd try and write a blog post a day. It all fell apart this month - rather like the whole of this month really. I've put off so many things due to laziness at Christmas and then my computer dying, so now I feel like I have so much to do I... Continue reading

Going from bad to worse

On the whole, this has been a bad week. But it did have some good things in it: I found Sainsburys did lasagne sheets made without soya flour, so I can eat soya again I now have a sofa and a wardrobe (even if the latter is currently in the kitchen, since that's the only... Continue reading

Argh at online ordering

I'm feeling all Sunday afternoon-y at the moment: ie I have things to do, I just can't be bothered to do any of them. The annoying thing at the moment is I ordered a little Ace laptop (in blue, since despite them saying they were going to do red, they don't) from Amazon a couple... Continue reading