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Still hot

I haven't posted or commented much or done much at all the past few weeks. It's just been too hot, most of the time. Plus there was Wimbledon and then I got a bad cold afterwards. This weekend has been 'cold' (low 20sC) so I'm getting everything in now before going back to mostly just... Continue reading

Too much sport on TV

I've been very watching sport. And some other things, but mostly the sport. Wimbledon fortnight is like Christmas to tennis fans. Only better than Christmas because it lasts two weeks and the shops aren't closed. Jo Konta was great. What gets me is less how good she is and more how calm she has become.... Continue reading

I aten't dead

When I wrote my last post I couldn't hear properly out of my left ear, which is a sign that I might be about to get labyrinthitis. And by might I mean in my optimistic dream world. I wasn't quite as bad as the last time I had it, where I didn't get out of... Continue reading

Updatey thing

This time my week without updating has been due to a combination of tennis and weather. This week featured a few days with temperatures in the high 20s and one where it went up to 33C (and was humid). My house has only just cooled down. I am really lucky to have air conditioning at... Continue reading

A few things

Wimbledon! Although this afternoon was a bit disappointing because the radio was all about Andy Murray defending his title. Now his first match is over with, hopefully things will settle down a bit. With roughly half the first round matches played I'm already one fantasy tennis player down on one of my fantasy teams. Game... Continue reading


So that's it for another year. But it's less than two months until the US Open, although that's harder to follow being only on the radio and often during the night. It's just as well it's over because it's harder to concentrate in the heat and impossible for long matches, but it still feels odd... Continue reading


There were all these things I was going to do this weekend, since I had nothing on and only needed to clean the house, as I had an inspection today. But then I discovered that 10mg of antihistamines puts me to sleep (I had exactly the same reactions at the same times to both pills... Continue reading

This past week

I don't seem to have time to do anything at the moment. Although it hasn't been helped by Friday. I was planning to get some stuff done Friday evening, but then I went to the pub for lunch with work and spent the evening not throwing up. I thought steak burger and chips would be... Continue reading

Day at Wimbledon

Now the tennis is over I don't quite know what to do with myself. Although I've only just got round to uploading my photos from Thursday (they're at This was the day I went to Wimbledon.