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This evening I booked lots of trains (and hostels) mostly in Canada. My best friend decided, for some inexplicable reason, to move up North. So I bought my train ticket in advance (which I don't do often) because I knew it would be expensive - my rail card doesn't go much further north than where... Continue reading

Not Spooks

I had to save the last episode of series 6 of Spooks till tonight and then I thought I'd write something about this series and what I've thought of it generally. Except that I'm not yet past the OMG stage and can therefore just about manage 'bibble'. So, because for some reason I was thinking... Continue reading

My height in books update

Reading my height in books: an update 6.2cm / 155cm(4.0%) I've just finished British Science Fiction Television: A Hitchhiker's Guide. I couldn't remember why I'd put it on my Amazon wish list, but bought it anyway. I discovered why, when I read the chapter list, and discovered the Blakes 7 chapter author. There were some... Continue reading

Smoking Ban

I knew there was something really important I wanted to blog about yesterday: We're getting a smoking ban for summer 2007. After all that wrangling over pubs that sell food etc, I can't believe it's gone with such a big majority. Although interestingly, only the Tories had a majority of no ban. I wish... Continue reading

Travel games

Looking back through old posts to categorise them is quite interesting. And it's reminded me, for some obscure reason, of games we used to play as children when travelling. There was the alphabet thing. We did boys and girls names, but our favourite was 'I went shopping'. So the first person would say, for example,... Continue reading

A whole host of stuff

I have discovered that train timetables are a work of fiction. Not only because the time they say the train's arriving bears no relation to the time it actually arrives, but also because more than once now I've got on a train that's not even listed in the timetable. And to make it worse, I've... Continue reading

Last post before I go

Of course, this week has been stressful with sorting out my meal on the plane. Monday lunchtime I rang STA Travel because it seemed easier to get them to do than ringing the airline. You have to ring the branch, so of course the person I spoke to was with a customer and promised to... Continue reading


I went to a foreign country last weekend - otherwise known as Up North. Or more specifically, Manchester. Which wasn't quite as scary and northern as I thought it was going to be. Although this view,doesn't really do much for it. Manchester must be a foreign country because I've only ever seen trams in the... Continue reading


I've just had a massive moth fly in my room, so I tried to lure it out by turning off the light and opening the door (the landing light being on and there's already a dead wasp, a big spider, a beetle and a moth out there). Sadly it was attracted to my computer and... Continue reading