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Dizzy (again)

I got lots of things done over the long weekend, including actually doing some writing, which is more than I managed in the whole of April. So I was feeling in a good getting things done mode. And then Tuesday I woke up feeling dizzy. So that's May gone, pretty much. Fortunately I've been well... Continue reading


I know I have comments to reply to, loads of posts I have starred in my RSS reader, and Fandom Snowflake days I want to do. But I came over dizzy on Saturday night and am still recovering. I am at least now well enough to be really bored and frustrated at not being able... Continue reading

Christmas dinners

I've got away lightly with Christmas this year - and most important I haven't had to eat any turkey! The Rotary Christmas dinner involved salmon (which tasted odd), boiled potatoes (ditto), roast potatoes (they were fine), parsnips (yay!), carrots (which also tasted odd, but in their case made them much less disgusting) and sprouts pureed... Continue reading

Scientifically accurate nativity

I liked this post about the scientific inaccuracies in the nativity. It actually went up a week ago, but events overtook me somewhat last Wednesday (the smell's still not gone, incidentally, but it is at least going). What always got me about the whole thing was the Virgin Mary. Accepting that she got pregnant without... Continue reading

A bit calmer

Things have calmed down a bit now - I've spent the weekend mostly catching up on my viewing (I'm down to Lewis and Midsomer Murders). Although I didn't achieve all the things I wanted to do this weekend (mainly cleaning the house) because I just didn't have the energy after the last couple of weeks.... Continue reading


Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating day. First I discovered I had a hole in the knee of my jeans. Last time my jeans all went holey I had to have my sister drag me round all the clothes shops to try on all the jeans to establish that only New Look's jeans fit... Continue reading

Funny stuff

I thought that posting about some of the funny RSS feeds and twitter feeds I've been looking at recently would be fun.

Time Travellers Forum

This was linked on New Scientist of all places: Wikihistory It's page 263 of a (fake) forum called International Association of Time Travelers: Members' Forum Subforum: Europe – Twentieth Century – Second World War. It's funny and rather a lot like forums are...