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Meme thing

From today's advent calendar at The Sarah Jane Smith Wardrobe Appreciation Society

Time meme

Since everyone's doing it and I have 5 minutes before my dinner is ready:

Oh look, I'm still an ISTJ

Those are pretty much accurate, I would say. And agree with every other test I've taken. Although that graphic misses Visual/Spatial at 5% off the bottom - although I think 5% probably 5% too generous...

Livejournal space adventure

I escaped from Moonbase Paranoidangel42! I killed Chlorrel the engineer, Selenay936 the plasma cloud, Wadjet Theperv the nutrivend drinks machine, My Llama Girl the shapeshifter, Blonde Sheep the cargobot, Dashdan2003 the awful green thing, Bibliophile1887 the nutrivend drinks machine and Justagirluk the tribble. I salvaged Nostalgia Lj's commbadge, an Oxford screwdriver, a Gmulian deathblade, an... Continue reading

That Christmas stocking meme

Because everyone else is doing it and I've never had one (this is the point at which people say Banbury to me), even though the green is impossible to read on the red.

Livejournal dungeon adventure

I died in the Dungeon of Paranoidangel42 I was killed in an abandoned chamber by Descended Sg1 the cockatrice, whilst carrying... the Axe of Stargate, the Armour of Clark/lex, the Sceptre of Gluten Free and 25 gold pieces. Score: 25 Explore the Dungeon of Paranoidangel42 and try to beat this score,or enter your username to... Continue reading