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How tech hijacked our brains

I read an article in The Week last week with this title, from a longer version in The Guardian that I couldn't be bothered to look up. The gist of it was that the tech companies have (inadvertently) made their products addictive. People who worked on or created these things talked about the steps they've... Continue reading

Imzy and writing

Imzy is suddenly the new big fad. I have an account there that means I have a shitload of invites, should there be anyone left in the universe who doesn't have an account, but wants one. It's created by a former Reddit person to be the anti-Reddit (ie nice). It's a bit like LJ and... Continue reading

More things

It's been a pain, reading my Livejournal feeds by the LJ friends page. I started off going to the LJ home page to login, but it takes so long to load it drove me mad. And then I found that my LJ layout is not quite right for my friends page. And my LJ. The... Continue reading

Technology: argh!

Last week I thought things were a bit quiet with my RSS feeds, but decided that, well, they were a bit quiet. And then I discovered the reason: all my LJ feeds have errors. No idea why, but it is a pain. When I read them via my friends list I discovered about 50 I... Continue reading


I'd been thinking for a while about how I mainly use Twitter to read stuff and rarely post or interact with people on it. This is because most of the people I follow are comedians or are accounts giving you information. And also because my Twitter account isn't public they won't see a post if... Continue reading


Talk to me about Tumblr. Should I get one or not bother? If I had one, should I crosspost my entries and/or fanfic there? Should I just carry on following Tumblrs by RSS, therefore not needing an actual account? What difference will having an account make? Will it matter that I've accidentally done something to... Continue reading

Firefox this time

My Firefox just updated (on my netbook, where I can't turn off the updates). Firefox 29 looks pretty. Sadly, they decided to take out everything that makes it usable and everything that makes it different from Chrome. I don't use Chrome because I don't like the minimalist look, so why would I want Firefox to... Continue reading


For the past week, until about the middle of last week, work was really quiet. I was getting some non-project work in and other people were scratching about for things to do. And then suddenly all our clients decided to launch projects before Easter, so now we're really busy and I'm hoping I won't be... Continue reading