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What I am reading Wednesday and more bunnies

Last night I realised that I have rabbit socks and I forgot to include them in the count! They are number 108.
Rabbit socks

What I Just Finished Reading
The Surplus Girls by Polly Heron. This was a bit of a random pick from the library's choices for International Women's Day. It's set in the early 1920s and the main character is a lower class girl who is persuaded to learn to become an office girl. It wasn't the most exciting story, so I struggled with it a bit, and then it turned out to be a romance. Despite all the stuff in it about her being a surplus girl and therefore needing to support herself her whole life.

What I'm Currently Reading
All In: The Autobiography of Billie Jean King. It was 99p on Kobo and has turned out to be really interesting. When she started playing (in the 1950s) girls weren't expected to do sport (that was a boy's activity) and definitely not to do it professionally - she was supposed to get married, have kids and become a housewife. It's like a totally different world, even though it wasn't that long ago. It was interesting to see what was happening in the tennis world as the tournaments allowed professionals to play and then sometimes paid men up to twelve times as much as women!

What I'm Reading Next
I really ought to read something that I owned before this year because I've only read two so far and I really need to average one a month. The trouble is Kobo keep selling books for 99p and I keep visiting...