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Unconventional Courtship

Stede and Ed on a Mills & Boon cover

[info]unconventionalcourtship is back! I spent ages looking through Mills & Boon and Harlequin summaries, until I went mad. Generally at the summaries for being so awful. I wanted to write the gay pirates, but I couldn't find anything that was both silly and subtext. M&B aren't exactly known for their subtext... And then in my saved summaries, for another pairing, I found one that would work for Mr Selfridge, with a bit of a canon divergent AU:

He was the love she lost…
Now he’s back.

When Grace Calthorpe called off her relationship with Gordon Selfridge she thought she’d lost him forever. Now he’s back and both find themselves working at the same wedding. Can the magical setting help heal the past, and allow them both to trust their hearts again…

Obviously in the actual book the answer is yes because it's always yes. Usually when I write these things the answer is no. I haven't yet decided which way it's going to go.