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Politics and tennis

I keep trying to post, but I'm either out or in and distracted by tennis or in and have a hundred things to do or in and too tired to do anything. Today I'm in (and have the day off) and am too tired to do anything, but it doesn't feel so bad because it's... Continue reading

Elections and Spooks

On Thursday night I stayed up for two and a half hours. By the time I went to bed the birds were singing and there were so few seats declared it was obvious nothing was going to happen for a while. Annoyingly I still woke up at 7am, despite having the day off. I could... Continue reading


Since the government gave me an election for my birthday, I am celebrating by staying up watching it. Well, I say staying up. I actually got back from choir when the polls closed, stayed up for ten minutes while I felt more tired, went to bed for three and a half hours and then got... Continue reading

State Opening of Parliament

I haven't got anything done this evening because I've been watching the State Opening of Parliament. I've never seen it before and only watched it because I did a tour of Parliament in December and wanted to see the places I'd been. It turned out to be so interesting that I watched it all until... Continue reading


The prompts on the BlogHer NaBloPoMo site mentioned quite a bit about voting. So today I will talk about voting, since I voted! These were elections for people to be in charge of the administrative side of the police force. Which isn't something that has ever been voted for before. Nor was it well-publicised. I... Continue reading


In a couple of places in this week's The Week it mentions about staying on BST all year round and people have been claiming that everyone wants it, except the Scottish. Well, I don't want it. At the moment it's dark enough when I leave work to need the headlights on. It's definitely dark enough... Continue reading

Modern election

I like elections - I think of them like birthday presents. When I got home today there was an electoral roll letter on my doormat. Well, in fact it had missed the doormat and was just lying in the hall, but that's not the point. I opened it, thought, "I suppose I just put this... Continue reading


This whole election thingy has been exciting. I stayed up on election night to see who was going to be in charge. So they decided while I was out at Rotaract last night. Which was a very confusing evening because Gordon Brown had previously said he would resign (as PM) if the Conservatives and Lib... Continue reading


Despite having twelve hours sleep last night I'm still tired. It's really hard to type when you're tired, but if I do need to do some things today. Thursday night I was so tired I went to bed at 9pm and got up at 12.30am. It is a lot harder to get up when it's... Continue reading

Veni, Vidi, Voted

So today is the day after my birthday aka election day. I made a slight detour on my way home and stopped off at the polling station. Which seems crazy to me because until now I've always lived less than five minutes walk away from the polling station. But this one is a bit over... Continue reading