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The Grauniad reply

The other day I posted a photo caption from the front page of the Guardian where it had the "caption goes here" text. Well, in today's paper they printed this letter:

Scientifically accurate nativity

I liked this post about the scientific inaccuracies in the nativity. It actually went up a week ago, but events overtook me somewhat last Wednesday (the smell's still not gone, incidentally, but it is at least going). What always got me about the whole thing was the Virgin Mary. Accepting that she got pregnant without... Continue reading

Funny stuff

I thought that posting about some of the funny RSS feeds and twitter feeds I've been looking at recently would be fun.

Time Travellers Forum

This was linked on New Scientist of all places: Wikihistory It's page 263 of a (fake) forum called International Association of Time Travelers: Members' Forum Subforum: Europe – Twentieth Century – Second World War. It's funny and rather a lot like forums are...

I'm having one of those weeks

I'm clearly having one of those weeks. Yesterday I had pasta with some pasta sauce free from work. I'd got four of them, one I'd liked and one I hadn't, I thought the one I used was the one I liked. But I had one mouthful and it felt like it had chilli in it,... Continue reading

Some links

I sorted out my bookmarks the other day and realised there's some cool stuff I've seen linked elsewhere and I haven't mentioned here. So now I will. Although I can't remember where I saw them all. They Fight Crime! - crazy they fight crime duos. Such as: He's an oversexed gay hairdresser with a passion... Continue reading

News! and Links!

If there's anyone who hasn't heard about it by now, the story of theVerizon employees and their inability to do basic maths: starts here. There was briefly a Wikipedia entry about a new form of maths called Verizonmaths but unsurprsingly it's not making them look good and it's been taken down. Torchwood has a second... Continue reading

Still tired

I am still tired, although possibly slightly less so for missing one day of my antibiotics. The doctor (and I just typed that with a capital d!) basically told me I could stop taking them but it might come back. So then I'd end up doing this all again, so I'm back on them again.... Continue reading