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Rabbits, rabbits, everywhere – downstairs

Recently a rabbit vlogger I follow showed all the rabbit things in her house. She turned out to have 56. So I thought I’d count up the number I had and all I can say is that 56 is amateur level (although she does have an actual rabbit). Since I took photos of everything and putting everything in one post would be really big, this is going to be a series of posts. This one is the downstairs, minus what’s hanging on the walls. Continue reading


I am finally feeling properly better after being dizzy at the start of the Commmonwealth Games (which was at the end of July). Although this means from easily sleeping for 9 hours a night to waking up annoyingly early after about 6 or 7 hours (or 4.5 on Thursday night). I ended up falling asleep for a game and a half during the women’s final on Saturday night. So I ended up only watching two sets of the men’s last night and finished it off this morning. I had taken today off so I could sleep in after staying up late for the match (although it was only on Sunday that it occurred to me it could go on until 2am), so it was handy to use that time this morning (and I actually slept nearly 8 hours).

I also spent this weekend cleaning the house. I had cleaned just before I got dizzy and although I’ve been feeling well enough to attempt cleaning before now, I’ve had things going on at the weekends that I didn’t want to be ill for. But now it’s autumn my weekends are freer (and my evenings busier) so I had time and energy to clean. I am so happy not to be living in a disgusting house.

Since this was a free weekend and I have to clean in bits with rests in between, I did a Flash exchange ficathon! I never thought I’d do one and this one had just the weekend to write in, but it was a 100 word minimum. So I wrote 3300 words… It was fun, and it’s making me feel like I can do Yuletide, Star Trek Holidays and a Doctor Who Secret Santa this autumn.

I saw the new Quantum Leap trailer on Thursday (and Friday and Saturday…) I loved it. So I am excited about it. I am hoping it will be up somewhere on Monday, since I have a day off for Lizzie’s funeral, although I am expecting it will be Tuesday and I’ll have to wait to see it unil after choir.

What I am reading Wednesday

What I Just Finished Reading
[book_data title=”Contacts” author=”Mark Watson”]
I was browsing Kobo and this was 99p, so I thought why not. I knew nothing about it, but I do know that Mark Watson is funny. This book was not funny. It starts with a man sending a text to all his contacts saying he’s going to kill himself. The book has flashbacks to his life so you can see how he got to that point, and also his family and friends trying to work out where he is so they can stop him. It was well written, but more depressing than I wanted to read at that moment.

[book_data title=”Stories to Make You Smile” author=”The Reading Agency”]
Kobo offered up this for free, so I though why not. I did need cheering up after reading Contacts. And this was just the thing. It was a few short stories that were just generally happy. I felt uplifted reading this.

[book_data title=”Patience” author=”Victoria Scott”]
I was looking around on the library ebooks website for something to read, but I didn’t know what. I think I found this in a featured section. It’s about a family of two parents and two adult daughters, but one of them has a disability. It’s about their lives and their secrets. It was an interesting, easy read. And no surprise that the author has a sister with the same rare genetic condition as the character Patience in the book.

What I’m Currently Reading
[book_data title=”The Importance of Being Interested” author=”Robin Ince”]
I saw this as I was browsing the library books website and decided to try it. I’d tell you what it was about, but I can’t. I am finding it a bit hard going. But then so far I’ve only read the introduction and half the first chapter, so I’ll see if it improves.

What I’m Reading Next
[book_data title=”Grace” author=”Victoria Scott”]
Turns out this author has another book out. This one wasn’t in the library ebooks (of course) but it was on Kobo for 99p. This is all about adoption and while it doesn’t sound as interesting as the previous book, I did enjoy her writing, so hopefully I’ll enjoy this book too.

[book_data title=”Quantum Leap: Search and Rescue” author=”Melissa Crandall”]
This is the next book The Quantum Leap Podcast are doing and I can’t remember it, so I need a re-read before I can listen to the podcast (which isn’t up yet).

Cruel Summer

I didn’t mean to not post for so long, but we had Wimbledon then a heatwave, then I just about caught up on cleaning the house and I got dizzy (from cleaning and watching swimming at the Commonwealth Games), then another heatwave. Which finished on Monday, but I’m still not doing anything too much in case I get dizzy again.

I did, however, go to the Commonwealth Games. Where I sat in the sun for two hours and watched beach volleyball. England won the bronze and then Australia and Canada had such a close match that it was never possible to tell who was going to win until someone won.

I also went to a Coldplay concert. Which would have been better if it hadn’t been too hot & humid to enjoy anything. And their water provision, which was a joke. You weren’t allowed to take any in, then the queue was 20 minutes long to get water – not because it was a massive queue, but because there were so few water dispensers and they were so slow to dispense water. The Commonwealth Games had a better water to people ratio (where you also weren’t allowed to take water in).

What I am reading Wednesday

I thought last post it could do with some tarting up, so I wrote a WordPress plugin that adds a link to the book on OpenLibrary and a cover, if it finds the book.

What I Just Finished Reading
[book_data title=”Fiddler Fair” author=”Mercedes Lackey”]
This is another book of short stories, but a lot thinner. I’ve struggled with Mercedes Lackey books in the past, not enjoying them until I’m halfway through. But the short stories were (mostly) better. Of the ones I disliked, two are in the Valdemar universe, which is what the books I’ve read before are set in. Which makes me think that one of my problems with her books is that universe, rather than her as a writer.

What I’m Currently Reading
[book_data title=”Star Trek: The Price of the Phoenix” author=”Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath”]
A friend got me this for my 16th birthday on the basis it had Spock on the cover. Which is a great idea, but the first time I read it I got halfway through before giving up. The second time I read it I got a quarter of the way through before giving up. This time I’ve watched the episode which one of the characters features in (The Enterprise Incident). But I’m still struggling. I am determined to finish it this time, but I don’t like any of the characters and they spend most of their time talking about things that I can’t make sense of.

What I’m Reading Next
[book_data title=”The Fire Rose” author=”Mercedes Lackey”]
Given my experience with her short story collection, I thought this one was worth a try.

What I am reading Wednesday

Because I’ve been tracking how many books I’ve read and acquired this year I can see that I’ve read 19 so far. Which seems like a small number. I’ve just taken it as read that reading a book a week on average is easy. But I got out of the habit of reading (and everything else) while I was spending all my free time coding. Since then the only thing I’ve got back into is writing. I need to do better at the reading. (Although not listed is all the fanfic I’ve read and that I spend an hour a week reading The Week.)

What I Just Finished Reading
Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell. I pre-ordered this, so it was a nice surprise when it turned up. At the beginning of the book I was struggling to remember what happened in the last book and was wondering if I should re-read it. But after a couple of days of reading I couldn’t remember what happened earlier in the book, so concluded there was no point in reading the previous one. Generally I enjoyed it, but the problem with the trilogy is that I think it should have stopped after the first book.

What I’m Currently Reading
The Mammoth Book of SF Wars. I bought this when we went on a book-buying trip to Hay-on-Wye. I don’t remember how many years ago but it was definitely counted in years. I looked at more recently and wondered why I’d bought a book of SF wars, no matter how cheap it was, given that I’m not really into wars. But I have been enjoying it. The good thing about short stories is that if you don’t like them then there’ll be another one along soon. But most of them I have enjoyed, and there have been some interesting themes and not all necessarily just about battles. I only have two stories to go!

What I’m Reading Next
Something from my to read pile that’s much less thick (the SF wars book is nearly 500 pages).

AO3 stats meme

It turns out I haven’t done this since May 2015. It’s more tricky to do now because I’ve ticked the box to hide everyone’s stats. Partly because they took away the ability to hide my stats from everyone so this one I can pretend like everyone sees the same as me. And also partly because one Yuletide I wrote the fic with the lowest hits/kudos/comments by an order of magnitude. I’m much happier not knowing that. Continue reading


I’ve been doing lots of writing this month.

I procrastinated on my [info]unconventionalcourtship fic by writing six Doctor Who drabbles for Merry Month of Drabbles. Which I really enjoyed writing.

I finished off a fic I started in 2018 that’s a sequel to one [info]selenay wrote for me in an exchange. At one point it was 4905 words and I was determined to get up to 5000 even though I kept taking words out when editing. And also realised I had forgotten that since I’ve set it during SJA’s run that it’s before smartphones…
The Ballet Date (5018 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005), Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart/Sarah Jane Smith
Characters: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, Sarah Jane Smith
Additional Tags: Second Date, Ballet, Motherhood, Friends to Lovers
Summary: Kate and Sarah Jane’s second date doesn’t go quite as planned.

I was then inspired by the most recent episode of Strange New Worlds to write a post-ep. Which lots of other people were too, but mine was gen and therefore the only one I was interested in reading. I thought before the series started that it would be one I’d get into, but then once it started I didn’t have any interest in writing anything and thought it would stay that way. Turns out I am all about the Pike angst…
Time and Memory (515 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Christopher Pike, Number One (Star Trek), Geoffrey M’Benga
Additional Tags: Post-Episode: s01e04
Summary: Pike and Number One discuss the aftermath of the events in Memento Mori

I recently listened to the latest UNIT audio and realised there is potential for Sarah & Harry fic, which they can’t do in the audios. But since I reject the idea that Sarah dies at any point, I can totally write.
Vanishing Act (866 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who (1963), UNIT: the New Series (Big Finish Audio)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan (Doctor Who)
Summary: An old friend turns up at Sarah Jane’s.

After writing 5000+ word fics, writing under 1000 words is so much quicker and easier.

After about four revisions of plot and POV I think I finally have a first draft of my [info]unconventionalcourtship fic that I don’t hate. And no excuse not to finish it now…


I didn’t mean to go three weeks without posting anything, but I was busy and then I was ill (labyrinthitis – at least it wasn’t covid, but it’s also a thing I would describe as wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy).

Some thing that have happened:

1. I had a birthday – at the beginning of the month. I had the day off and went out to spend an hour with rabbits. Definitely the best thing I could do on my birthday. And I discovered a former vegan cafe nearby had a choice(!) of gluten free vegan cakes. I had a very nice, big, chocolatey slice.

2. Back in autumn 2019 I bought some new clogs because the old ones were squishing my toes and slipping on the heel. I tried these out in my garden in summer 2020, then wore them for the first time last month. And they promptly took more skin that you’re imagining off my heel. So that hurt. I now have more heel padding so my new clogs now also squish my toes…

3. I’d just about recovered from that and could dance again when I got labyrinthitis. Which I’m still not 100% recovered from. But I am definitely getting better – yesterday I wanted to do something active, so I sat in the garden and pulled up weeds. I did do quite a bit of writing towards the end of the week to test how much I could use a computer and think in order to work out when to go back to work.

4. It’s tennis on telly season! aka the French Open started today. Although I don’t watch it on TV because I don’t like the camera work, adverts or Jim Courier. Interestingly, though, on an episode of The Bill from 1984 a character mentioned getting home to watch the French Open. I had no idea it was on TV at all until recently. I have the second week of Wimbledon off, which I am looking forward to (as long as Djokovic doesn’t win – or Novax as he’s known in our house).