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Last year

I was thinking I should post some kind of round up of last year and resolutions for this year, but I can't remember much and don't have any in that order. What I do remember about last year was being dizzy - and my progress on getting better is so slow that you can only... Continue reading

2005 Review

Happy New Year to everyone reading this. May your 2006 be better than your 2005. Which probably won't be hard in my case. Onto the review of 2005 and my new years resolutions from last year.

New Year

A multi-part post. It's quite long, so it's interspersed with livejournal to make my life a bit easier. Firstly, the New Years Resolutions. 2004 Resolutions 2005 Resolutions Taggart New Year On an entirely different note, I have discovered how to make my friends pages have no cut tags (as long as I'm logged in). It... Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

I thought I would re-visit my new year's resolutions and see how they were going. Admittedly, I pretty much came up with them on the spur of the moment and haven't looked at them since. I was planning to do this a month ago, then it really would be the middle of the year but... Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

Since everyone was talking about it at work today here are my New Years Resolutions: (technically I only have one but then I have ways to apply it) Make sure 2004 is better than 2003 by: a. Keeping in contact with my friends - specially the ones I haven't seen for a while b. Getting... Continue reading

Writing meme

I read this in someone's journal a while ago and only just now realised I have answers to these questions! Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted? Definitely more. I think I wrote more in 2003 than I wrote ever. I'm still... Continue reading