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Someone at work today sent round an email from her boyfriend pointing out that what could be that incredibly exciting physics experiment isn't actually going to end the world. Please tell me there aren't intelligent people in the world that thought it was serious. I might have to go and stick my head in a... Continue reading

Lunar eclipse and Battlestar Galactica

As promised, here are photos of the lunar eclipse. It did look a bit red once it was in full eclipse but sadly not bright enough to photograph. It looked really spectacular through binoculars, though. I've now watched the first four episodes of Battlestar Galactica. I thought the mini-series was really slow and could have... Continue reading

Catching up

I'm starting to feel a bit more caught up on my life now. Although when it comes to my friends list that's mostly because I'm marking them as read. I have a tidy house and a clean bathroom and kitchen. And am empty Dyson - which I did all on my own without doing it... Continue reading


As today's A-level results day it meant I read through the Clearing list for Physics carefully and I see that, as usual, Warwick has no places. Reading did. I'd mention this to my sister but she doesn't care; it's just me and my dad being smug. Although sadly, when we looked last year we found... Continue reading