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1. I am too tired for this clock change. My computer says it's just past 10am, my clock says it's just past 9am and my body is saying "More sleep please". On Friday more than one person at work talked to me about the project I'm on needing to be done in a month and... Continue reading


I've been reading The Time Traveller's Guide to Elizabethan England and yesterday I came to a section about language. It's interesting to see how words have changed their meaning, such as cheap, which meant market and several which meant separate. Language is changing all the time, but it doesn't mean we have to like it.... Continue reading


Names are interesting. Not least because I found top 100 baby name lists for various years from 1890-1984 and 2010-2011 on the British Baby Name blog. I love the concept of knowing someone's name gives you power over them. You do get an idea about someone from their name, whether it's the right impression or... Continue reading

Interesting words

While I was at home Dad showed me the centre of the Chambers English Dictionary, which has interesting words in it. Too many to read in one go and most I don't remember. But I do remember some of the collective nouns - these are the ones that particularly stuck out: A glaring of cats... Continue reading