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What I've been up to

I am doing better. Although my lounge still looks big and empty with the spaces where Missy's cage and toys were. And my evenings seem so long now they've not interrupted. I decided I didn't need to do anything unless I had to. So possibly the most productive thing I've done is to watch all... Continue reading

Yes, Prime Minister

I went to see Yes, Prime Minister at the theatre yesterday. It was quite weird that I left the house not long before lunch and got back before Doctor Who, yet in that time had been to London and seen a play. We managed to find the theatre fairly easily, despite it being in Shaftesbury... Continue reading

Chris Addison

Suddenly a protected post and a protected twitter are useful... Chris Addison's autumn tour is coming near me on Saturday 23rd October. I am definitely going to go. I asked at Rotaract if anyone wanted to come and the only answer I got was "Who's Chris Addison?" It improved once I mentioned The Thick of... Continue reading

Musical theatre

I went to the theatre in London today to see The Pocket Orchestra. It's by Graeme Garden, of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue fame and I pretty much didn't know anything else about it before I went, except that it was something to do with music. It turned out to be really good -... Continue reading