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Long weekend

I was just going to do a catch-up on the past couple of weeks (summary: really busy at work, plus Worldcon, but I am feeling better at least) but couldn't muster up the energy, so I won't. I'll summarise this weekend instead: Gardening. I have filled up the garden waste bin and another six bin... Continue reading

Spring has sprung

And my garden is full of weeds, despite me weeding only two weeks ago. Well, maybe not full, but there are some on the path and pebbles that either didn't die when I last sprayed them, or are new and massive (relatively speaking). Even the few borders I have to dig up the weeds from... Continue reading


I have spent most of the summer gardening. After thinking I'd do some in spring and some in autumn spring never really happened, so summer it was. Given how cold and rainy and dark it's suddenly got, I think that turned out to be a good idea. Aside from some weeding and pruning what I... Continue reading