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The saga of the bathroom light

Because nothing can ever be simple. A while ago I changed all the lamp shades in the house. This is because everything was non-coloured (ie beige) and I wanted to add some colour. The bathroom had a beige that was pointed at the bottom and then tapered out, so as to collect the maximum amount... Continue reading

Too much sport on TV

I've been very watching sport. And some other things, but mostly the sport. Wimbledon fortnight is like Christmas to tennis fans. Only better than Christmas because it lasts two weeks and the shops aren't closed. Jo Konta was great. What gets me is less how good she is and more how calm she has become.... Continue reading

House anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary of completing on my house. I have now owned a house for a year! In this year I have made the following improvements to it: New boiler. Which is more efficient and quiet enough to sleep through. And hear the TV over. It hasn't been really cold since I... Continue reading

Fic and work and drilling

My posting date for [ljcomm]dw_guestfest[/ljcomm] was today, so I managed to finish my story yesterday. I probably could have finished it sooner if I hadn't spent so much time putting off adding description. I declared it finished partly because I was sick of reading it. And I'd run out of description-adding ability. It features Kate... Continue reading