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How tech hijacked our brains

I read an article in The Week last week with this title, from a longer version in The Guardian that I couldn't be bothered to look up. The gist of it was that the tech companies have (inadvertently) made their products addictive. People who worked on or created these things talked about the steps they've... Continue reading


For the past week, until about the middle of last week, work was really quiet. I was getting some non-project work in and other people were scratching about for things to do. And then suddenly all our clients decided to launch projects before Easter, so now we're really busy and I'm hoping I won't be... Continue reading

Forums and LJ

A few weeks ago I went through my RSS feeds and trimmed down ones that hadn't been updated for ages. Which also meant taking people/comms off my LJ and DW friends. I now have a whole load less on there. When I did it I realised I haven't had many conversations on there for ages.... Continue reading

Isn't modern technology great?

Tomorrow I have to go on a first aid refresher course. I've been on a couple before, so I know where it is, but I was never the one driving. This time I'm going on my own. If I was going there from where I used to live, it would be fine. If I was... Continue reading

Following recs

I am in need of recs of blogs/LJs/communities to follow. Anything with an RSS/atom feed counts, as does Twitter. I am sure there is some interesting stuff out there that I am rubbish at finding for myself. Any feed with titles only or partial doesn't count because I can't read that without putting in effort.... Continue reading

Advent calendars

I'm enjoying some web-based advent calendars at the moment. The BBC Doctor Who site has one, although every day I'm in hopes of it being exciting and it hasn't really been so far. And where's the 8th? I'm loving the Sarah Jane Smith Wardrobe Appreciation Society one because that does have different, interesting things every... Continue reading

In the minority

Reading my RSS Feeds this last week there are some that make me think I am not on the same planet as most of the rest of the population, in that there are major dramas that have gone on that I didn't think anything of at all. Like, people avoiding LJ/the internet until they'd read... Continue reading


I was thinking I really should go to bed at a reasonable time at some point this week. And I was going to bed but I thought I'd start a download off so I could just resume it tomorrow. Except that it started at 200k/s and is currently at 350k/s and now I don't want... Continue reading