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I keep meaning to post but I seem to spend all my time doing life admin and I spent half of August ill. At some point I will post about my washing machine saga. Most people don't take four weeks to go from buying a washing machine to having a washing machine, but I managed... Continue reading


I finally have time and energy and weather to post! Although that's not entirely a good thing because it means Wimbledon is nearly over. I already didn't know what to do with myself this evening - I have lots of things I need to do, but it doesn't seem right not to be watching Wimbledon.... Continue reading

Remixing and staying at home

Today I was going to go to London for my official birthday (technically it's tomorrow, but I have work and Rotary tomorrow, plus who celebrates on a Tuesday? and I've always considered my birthday to be the May Day bank holiday anyway). I have felt crap all weekend (tired and dizzy), but I thought I... Continue reading

Remix reveals

Remix stories were finally revealed! So now I can post about mine: I wrote Dark and Stormy (The Last Tent Remix), which features the original team just before Jack takes up command of the SGC. At this point I could talk about how I remixed etc, but because the deadline for posting is two weeks... Continue reading


I wasn't expecting author reveals until later tonight, but it's ok because it means I have time to talk about mine this evening. I wrote: Can't See the Forest (A River Runs Through It) (1355 words) by paranoidangel Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Doctor Who Rating: General Audiences Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Amy Pond/Rory Williams... Continue reading

This week

This week has mostly consisted of rain. And the fun yesterday of tipping out the puddle of water collected in my bin because the binmen persist in leaving the lid open after they've emptied them. And the even more fun of spending five minutes on Wednesday morning trying to get the garage door open long... Continue reading

A catch up

Last week I was practically not in - Monday I went out to dinner, although not at the Chinese we were intending to go to. Wednesday was the last ballet of the term. We did a move I can't remember the name of that basically involved spinning round and going along. It did make me... Continue reading


Now that the remix authors have been revealed, I can reveal that I wrote Feels Like Home (The Green Planet Remix), which is a Stargate Atlantis Five Things fic. Every year I want to do something different for remix. This year I expanded something short (the original author called it a drabble). And I discovered... Continue reading

Remix and Big Bang

Today I posted my Remix fic. Which took ages - I can never get the A03 form right. But at least the archive was fast for once. But I did do it this morning, which probably helps. All I have to do now is wait for it to go live and the archive to go... Continue reading