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Star Trek (again)

I must have coped back before LJ improved the subject lines in their notifications, but now I'm getting more from DW than LJ, I'm completely confused by which entry "Reply to your entry" is actually referring to and then lose track of which I've replied to (or need to reply to). So for now I... Continue reading

Ficathon season

It must be autumn... Sign ups for people wanting to write a remix are open in [ljcomm]dw_remix[/ljcomm], [ljcomm]sga-secretsanta[/ljcomm] has sign ups open and Yuletide has started discussing nominations. I haven't written anything since Remix, so being forced to do it will get me back into the habit. The trouble I have at the moment is... Continue reading

Been busy

I haven't posted for a while mainly due to work being really busy. It completely sapped my energy this week, although I did go on a first aid course on Thursday. Friday afternoon was suddenly quiet for a little while and I had to do someone else's work because without that to distract I realised... Continue reading


I'm feeling really brain-dead now and completely knackered. I've just driven to Tescos, which is ten minutes away. Except that I went with a friend of mine who lives ten minutes in the opposite direction. And then I got confused on the way and we went the back way. In the end I was out... Continue reading

Lazy Sunday

I entirely confused myself this morning by glacing at my inbox. I had a message with the subject Re: Joe Flanigan and another one with the subject hot hot hot! and my mind put those together. The second one was from Emma about the weather, so what confused me is that she doesn't even know... Continue reading

Pegasus One

I went to an Atlantis convention at the weekend - which was made more interesting by having the flu. I've done a quick page with a few photos - I should point out that the text is for my dad's benefit and the photos together come to 328k. Edit: Dad has just reminded me... Continue reading

Atlantis fic writing

I decided the other week, because I am completely mad, to set myself the challenge of writing 20,000 words this year. Something is defined as written when it is posted up somewhere. So anything I've previously done most of the work on and just needs a bit (lot) of betaing that actually gets finished counts.... Continue reading

It's all about Stargate

The most recent episode of Stargate - Ripple Effect. When [censored] walked into the room full of [censoreds] all I could think was that he was probably thinking "I'm in heaven and it's full of Samantha's". But much squee over the credits. It's quite handy to know the actor's names. The last episode of Atlantis... Continue reading