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For my [ljcomm]intoabar[/ljcomm] fic I am writing a Stargate and House of Anubis crossover, thus guaranteeing that no one will read it. But for research I watched an episode of Stargate on Pick TV* last night. And it reminded me just how much I liked it. It was a good episode, I checked before I... Continue reading

Stargate Universe

Now that we've had ten (ish, since two of them were stuck together) episodes of Stargate Universe, I thought I'd demonstrate just how crap I am at working out people's names in TV programmes. Although, it has to be said the Confidential-type programme after the first (two) episode(s) helped a lot. There might be spoilers... Continue reading


Lovefilm are really annoying me now. I got sent a thing for a 3 month free trial, so I'm working my way through Press Gang with them. At least, that's the theory. You have to have at least 10 titles on your list and you can rate them at high, medium or low priority. So... Continue reading


I told dad about Stargate being cancelled and he said, and I quote: You mean Stargate is ending after onoly 10 series? Sometimes, he can actually be quite cool. All I thought when I saw it is, 'yay, Atlantis is continuing' and 'that'll be one less thing to watch'. I see from next week's TV... Continue reading


I went swimming with my sister today. Now I hurt and am completely knackered. The trouble was we were actually there to get fit and I soon discovered that backstroke does that quite nicely - my muscles are obviously more used to breaststroke. In theory this would be a regular thing, if I didn't have... Continue reading

Weather and TV

When I got up this morning it wasn't that light due to it being rainy outside. So instead of wearing sandals to work I thought I ought to keep my feet dry and wear shoes. Which meant wearing socks, which was just such a weird feeling, it's been weeks since I wore any socks. Mind... Continue reading

It's all about Stargate

The most recent episode of Stargate - Ripple Effect. When [censored] walked into the room full of [censoreds] all I could think was that he was probably thinking "I'm in heaven and it's full of Samantha's". But much squee over the credits. It's quite handy to know the actor's names. The last episode of Atlantis... Continue reading

The things I do for the sake of fic...

I now know more than I ever felt I needed to about American football. Admittedly I skim-read them but I still don't understand the rules. Apparently a team can have 53 players on it, which is just insane! The exciting part is when I looked in the British League, found Warwick Wolves and recognised a... Continue reading


I'm enjoying Atlantis more than Stargate this season, not just because I have three ships on Atlantis and none on Stargate, since they both revolved around Jack 🙂 But also because Stargate makes me want to watch Farscape. I get to the end of an episode of Atlantis and think 'That was great, I can't... Continue reading