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Watching telly

I am terrible at watching telly. I tape a lot, think I’ll get round to it, but somehow the evening’s gone and I haven’t got to the telly-watching bit. And then a few months ago I started a sleep CBT and one of the things I had to do was to relax for an hour… Continue reading

A lot of hours

I am not short of things to do. I started a second round of 100 days of code at the beginning of February and today is my 50th day. Since I now have more time to learn stuff, the list of stuff to learn has grown longer – I shrunk it when I started this… Continue reading

TV watching

I’ve been gradually working my way through all the stuff I have taped on my PVR. I’ve done all the hour long documentaries and now just have the TV series to go. Which feel like the harder bits… But then I got distracted yesterday and watched an episode of Quantum Leap – The Americanization of… Continue reading

What I’ve been up to

Working mostly. This week had four working days in it and I did more than five days worth of hours just in those four days. That sort of thing doesn’t really leave much time or brain for anything else. I have been watching Red Dwarf, on the basis that it’s short, doesn’t require too much… Continue reading

TV catchup

I woke this morning feeling terrible, so I spent this afternoon doing nothing but watching TV. I haven’t caught up on everything – it would probably take me a week to do that – but I have now watched last week’s TV (among other things). So it’s been a productive day from that perspective.

Mumbling on TV

I hate it when TV programmes are full of people mumbling. Doctor Who is a particularly bad offender. I have to turn the TV up to twice the usual volume to hear what they’re saying, and then when you get an action scene it’s so loud I have to turn it down again. Somewhere along… Continue reading

A complaint about cliffhangers

I’ve complained about cliffhangers before, but this one is directly related to Sherlock and the cliffhangers at the end of both series. I’m not going to spoil what happens, not least because I don’t actually know.

A lot of words

After a week of doing not a lot except for a bit of work and watching a lot of Stargate and Quantum Leap (and not a lot of TV – I have now have three episodes of Taggart, two of Midsomer Murders and two of Being Human to watch), I am finally pretty much better…. Continue reading

Why I hate cliffhangers

I hate cliffhangers in TV programmes. The reason why I’ve thought about it now (and ok, only just got round to posting about it) is because at the SJA panel last week someone asked why each episode was split into two parts. The reason was that the people making the decision liked cliffhangers. And in… Continue reading

About TV

I feel like I’ve watched a lot of medical programmes recently. I watched a random episode of House last night and got about halfway through before I considered leaving the room. Generally speaking, I found it was like a whodunnit without any way of knowing whodunnit without a medical degree. With added horribleness that could… Continue reading