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Fun with websites

My Christmas project is to sort out my website and create the Rotary website. So far I have created the Rotary website, just not put anything on it. With mine I've updated WordPress and played with plugins, broken some things and fixed others. The trouble is that I could endlessly play with it. It's just... Continue reading

Blog and LJ and Dreamwidth

This afternoon we sat down to listen to the tennis we taped last night... and discovered it had rained in New York so they hadn't played. So now we need to listen to it tonight and tomorrow instead (depending on when they finish and if it rains). So with the afternoon I suddenly had free,... Continue reading

My blog

The trouble with WordPress is that there are so many plugins that do so many things that you can quite easily spend all your time playing with it adding plugins and testing things out. Guess what I've been doing today? (All the plugins I do have are listed here).

What I did at the weekend

On Saturday I saw Potted Potter, which is all Harry Potter books in an hour and a bit. It was really funny and well worth going to. Interestingly, although it was definitely aimed at kids, there were a few jokes in there that only adults would get. Sunday I bought a new mattress. After first... Continue reading


It's quite amusing really, how much I find LJ useless in many ways. They keep doing announcements with new features and I am yet to see a single one I'd use. In the case of editing comments I hate it because I keep getting multiple comment notifications, and since I've yet to see a difference... Continue reading

My blog

I spent more time at the weekend playing with the blog. I discovered a plugin to make the RSS Feeds have the whole post, even if there's a more. I didn't realise the more cut it off until recently because it's so obviously a stupid idea. Who is going to bother reading if they have... Continue reading