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What I am writing

What I am reading at the moment is fanfic. I had whole collections bookmarked and some fics on my marked to read later list at AO3 that I was avoiding because they've been on there for so long. I am finally getting through them, so I'll have cleared the back log. I am writing my... Continue reading

DW and fanfic

I've finished my DW layout! Well, I say finished, there may be some details I've missed that I'll find as I use it. It matches my blog as much as I can, given that there are differences and I don't have as much control over things in DW. I like it much better than the... Continue reading

What I'm writing and what I'm not

I am still working on the 20,000 word Last Leg fic. It is going to take forever (it's already taken forever). I sort of just want to be done with the thing. I finished a round of edits on Friday, so yesterday I went to read through it all, because I keep changing minor plot... Continue reading

Stuff and nonsense

September seems to be shit month at work at the moment. It's just all been going down at once and involving everything going wrong, leaving late and working at weekends. Yesterday I worked from 9am to 3pm with just a short break for lunch and draping the washing. I did then use Facetime for the... Continue reading

Missy and Writing

Did you know, that in the middle of the planks of laminate flooring is wool-like wood? Neither did I, until Missy half-demolished the one by the back door. She thinks it'll get her out of the back door. Occasionally she tries chewing the door too, but since it's plastic she doesn't get very far with... Continue reading


This week has been busy. I had one of those weeks where I was out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Monday I went food shopping and Wednesday I played with Missy until I was struggling to keep my eyes closed. So Friday I watched TV and played with Missy and that was pretty much all I... Continue reading


On Wednesday I sneezed and made my pulled muscle worse. And then on Friday it was suddenly so much better. At first I thought switching from paracetamol to ibuprofen had made the difference, but then it never got more painful after that. I have had a busy weekend, getting lots of things done. I learnt... Continue reading

Still not gone out

I think my cold might finally be getting better. Although this might be because last night I felt awful. And this morning I don't feel like my face is going to explode from the pressure. It's been frustrating - I thought this week I'd get lots of things done around the house. Maybe even get... Continue reading