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AO3 stats meme

It turns out I haven't done this since May 2015. It's more tricky to do now because I've ticked the box to hide everyone's stats. Partly because they took away the ability to hide my stats from everyone so this one I can pretend like everyone sees the same as me. And also partly because... Continue reading

2019-2021 fic roundup

I haven't done this for three years, but I also haven't written much in the last three years. So I'm lumping them all together to make the meme worth it.

Titles meme

Look at your most recent 20 fanwork titles and answer the questions. 1. How many are you happy with? One of them came from another fic, so doesn't count (You, Me, Red Wine, and the Edinburgh Night Sky). But of the remaining 19, I'm happy with 12 (which is a pretty good ratio): Teatime Stories... Continue reading

AO3 average stats meme

Since I sort of suggested it and did it. When it says average, maybe median is better, and mode for some of them, but I have 198 fics on AO3 and I am not counting those up. So mean it is.

2015 fic roundup

I intended to do this at the beginning of the month, but where did January go? I thought I'd better take a break from Fandom Snowflake and do this while we're still in the first month of the year at least.

AO3 stats meme

It turns out I did this almost exactly a year ago. Quite of a bit of it hasn't really changed... (last year's positions are in brackets)