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Fandom Snowflake 6

Search in your current space, whether brick-and-mortar or digital. Post a picture or description of something that is or represents:

15 characters meme: answers

First, the characters. I purposely picked 15 different fandoms. Some of them will be really obscure to some people, so I will explain who they are in my answers. 1. Josie Trent (Black Hole High) 2. Missy (Doctor Who) 3. Harry Pearce (Spooks) 4. Spock (Star Trek) 5. Villanelle (Killing Eve) 6. Lynda Day (Press... Continue reading

Fifteen characters meme

It feels like everyone is doing it, and it looks like fun, so why not do it too. I'll answer these next weekend. 1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment. 2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen... Continue reading

June Something 2021

I picked the questions relevant to me from the masterpost Day 3: What's a favorite, or at least memorable fandom meeting/interaction that you've had? Because I've been watching the Bill from the early 90s, what I've been remembering recently were the trips we had to the studios. They started off as a trip to the... Continue reading

Fandom Questions Meme

The last set! 43. What ship do you feel needs more attention? I want to say, all the really tiny ones that have very few fics, but I have a tendency to get into ships because they're tiny and have very few fics. So perhaps the answer should be none of them 46. Archive Of... Continue reading

Fandom Questions Meme

I skipped some questions that are just not applicable. These are all apparently supposed to be about my current fandom, but since everything is current I just answered generally. 18. What ship have you written the most about? Sarah/Harry, for which I have written 21 fics. Next highest is Ian/Barbara at 13. Nothing else gets... Continue reading

Fandom Questions Meme

Things are busy at the moment (in a good way, ie with things I want to do rather than with work), so have some more meme questions.

Fandom Questions Meme

This seems like the sort of unimportant thing I feel like talking about today. 1. What was the first fandom you got involved in? The Bill. When we first got the internet in 1996 I came across the official site and the forum. And then when they changed the forum design and decided I'd come... Continue reading

End of year fandom meme

1. Your main fandom of the year? In terms of fic writing and reading it's probably been Doctor Who. I don't tend to talk about it much because I find it's best enjoyed without thinking about it much. 2. Your favourite film watched this year? I watched two films this year, Rogue One and Kinsgman.... Continue reading