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Fandom Snowflake 6

Search in your current space, whether brick-and-mortar or digital. Post a picture or description of something that is or represents:

1. A favourite character
Spock bookmark covered in sellotape
A very well used Spock bookmark. My favourite character in all of the Star Trek series.

2. Something that makes you laugh
Red Dwarf on DVD
Red Dwarf. Which I have all of on DVD, even the bits I'm unlikely to watch again. Because I'm a completionist. And there are some good bits, even in VII, VIII and Back to Earth.

3. A bookshelf
Two shelves of Chalet School books
All of my Chalet School books.

4. A game or hobby you enjoy
Cross stitch threads
These are all of the cross stitch threads I've accumulated over the years. These days I tend to do ones where you just get the pattern because I will have some of the threads. But then I still need to buy some and the net effect is that the number I have doesn't go down.

5. Something you find comforting
Rabbit notebook
Rabbits. And this is a rabbit thing you haven't seen before because I forgot about it and only discovered it recently. It's number 107 of the rabbit themed things I own.

6. A TV show or movie you hope more people will watch
Red Dwarf on DVD
It's funny. What more do you need?

7. A piece of clothing you love
Rabbit jumper
This is a rabbit thing you've seen before. But I love that it's warm, and the hood and big pocket are useful (I can get a book in the pocket).

8. A thing from an old fandom
Video holder designed to look like a Star Trek tricorder
In fact this is an old thing. It looks like an old-style tricorder, and inside is a video that has The Trouble with Tribbles and City on the Edge of Forever on it. It's the only video I still own. The fact that I have nothing to play it in is academic because I have both of these on DVD.

9. A thing from a new fandom
Our Flag Means Death on the iPlayer
I'd be hard pressed to find anything newer, given that I only just finished watching it. And then re-watching it...