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Snowflake challenge 14

In your own space, do the Fandom Wrap Challenge. (although I have no idea what 'wrap' means in this context

What were your top 5 fandoms for 2022 based on the amount of time you interacted with them?
1. Doctor Who
2. Star Trek
3. Superman & Lois
4. And then it's down to ones where I might have a read a fic or something.

What were your top 5 fandom spaces (Discord, Twitter, etc.) you experienced fandom in terms of time spent?
1. Dreamwidth
2. AO3
3. Nowhere else
Technically I belong to a load of Discord channels, which I occasionally look at when I'm bored, but whenever there is anything interesting it was generally in the middle of the night anyway.
I occasionally look at Tumblr, but the reblogging makes me think the person I'm reading said something that they actually didn't and I get confused.
Twitter is just for comedians to tell me when they're on TV/radio/tour and to keep up with the tennis news/Grand Slam matches that happen during the night.
Instagram is for rabbit and hamster pictures, with occasional cats, dogs and elephants. I don't understand why people would post pictures of themselves on there when they can be posting pictures of their cats.

What are the top 5 things you did to contribute to fandom in terms of time? Did you write? Comment? Send positive energy into the universe? Create art?
1. Read and commented (with occasional kudosing when I didn't have the energy to comment)
2. Wrote fic
3. Ran an exchange
4. Made sarcastic comments on Twitter (mainly about tennis) that no one who could see them had the slightest bit of interest in.

What were your top 5 most appreciated fandom contributions? (i.e. in terms of likes, kudos, reblogs, comments, etc.)
I have no idea what other people have appreciated. I imagine people like comments more than kudos, but there could well be people who like having their stuff kudosed more than being commented on.

Have a Top 5 List you'd like to share?? By all means!
5 (non-tennis, non-animal-related) fandom things I'm looking forward to this year
1. Strange New Worlds series 2! Picard I am more quietly cautious about because series 1 & 2 were merely alright and the trailer for series 3 makes it look awful. I would say that most trailers do that, but I saw a trailer for Clarkson's Farm series 2 today and that makes it look like he's going to make more of a dick out of himself, which I am now more looking forward to.
2. More Quantum Leap. The quality has been up and down and I'm not 100% sold on the season arc, but I am still excited that it exists and there will be another series of it. And there's then a load of podcast to listen to while I work.
3. The other half of Our Flag Means Death, by the sounds of it. I know I could just watch it all on the iPlayer in a week, but I've recorded a lot of stuff this year and mostly just watched Mr Selfridge. OFMD is one of the few things I am caught up with, and that's mostly because it's only half an hour long.
4. [info]genfreeformexchange. Well, sort of. I particularly wanted to do it this year because I've wanted to do it last year and a few years ago. But judging by the most recent post it may or may not happen this year.
5. [info]unconventionalcourtship. I went looking for some non-fiction books about people marrying into different classes. I didn't find any, but I did find lists of romance fiction. I thought maybe I could use one of them for Unconventional Courtship this year, but then I read two summaries and couldn't take any more. But I do have a Blake's 7 gen summary saved that's so memorable I haven't had to look it up to remember the gist, so perhaps I will break out the DVDs and write that.